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Eastern New York Region
For detailed information regarding National Ski Patrol Education Programs including course descriptions and requirements, please click here

Check back occasionally as new instructional material and videos will be added including information regarding updates that are seen in the recent release of the 5th edition of Outdoor Emergency Care.  REVISIONS have been made, click here for a summary of all the revisions.

OEC Course
We are planning several OEC courses this season, information will be posted when it is received, please check back.
Senior Program
Senior Patroller Emergency Management Module
For information about the Eastern Division Senior Program please check here
The Senior Patroller Emergency Management Module (SEMM) focuses on leadership, problem management and decision making, utilizing the standards in the current OEC manual. SEMM certification is a recognition of having successfully completed this leadership course and is not a higher standard of OEC skills. The skills learned promote confidence in dealing with more complicated first aid scenarios involving multiple injuries and patients. Training is done in the outdoor environment on snow, and involves participating in scenarios as a leader and helper. Instructors who are SEMM Trainer Evaluators (TEs) develop the scenarios to cover all aspects of Outdoor Emergency Care, and provide feedback during training sessions. Candidates are required to successfully lead at least 4 scenario problems during the training sessions. Two scenarios from the Patroller's Manual need to be reviewed and have a treatment plan developed in writing. In addition the candidate is required to write an original scenario of Senior Patroller level, following the format in the NSP test banks. The SEMM final evaluation is given at the conclusion of the course. It is conducted on snow and on typical mountain terrain. Candidates lead in one warm up scenario and two evaluation scenarios. Only the leader is evaluated in the scenarios.
For information about the Eastern Division Senior Program please check here

Avalanch Program
You may not know this but the Eastern New York Region has the most avalanche paths in the Eastern Division. The High Peak Region of the Adirondack Mountains has 48 know avalanche paths 10 of which were added during Hurricane Irene. The “Slides” at Whiteface Ski center gained two new avalanche tracks. The biggest happened the spring before Irene after a rain storm dropped 6” of rain in a 8 hour period. With all this avalanche terrain Whiteface and the High Peaks have become center for Avalanche safety for the Eastern Division. This winter the ENYR will host two courses. The first course is called Introduction to Avalanche Safety and Rescue and is held in Keene, NY at Rock and River Guide Service, in mid- January. This course is a full day and involves classroom, in the beautiful Climbers Lodge, and some field work in non-avalanche terrain. The course is taught by Chuck Boyd, who has travelled around the world skiing and climbing. The second course is a Level 1 course held at Whiteface Mt. The classroom is the beautiful Marble Mountain Base lodge, which is the headquarters Atmosphere Science Research Center (ASCR). The field portion is done on two different sections of the mountain; the Veterans Memorial Highway or the in-bound “Slides” both offer easily accessible avalanche terrain. The level 1 course is a prerequisite for the Level 2 course which will be held next year at Whiteface also. So please come take advantage of the ENYR Avalanche program.
Matt Levenson
ENYR Avalanche Advisor

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